Choice of Best fit Universities

We can offer excellent information and guidance in fine detail, on your process of choosing universities, which are particularly suited to your strengths and ambitions. For thirty-nine universities in the UK, we can tell you their requirements in terms of five undergraduate entry criteria as shown below:

Required achievement grades

IB/ Scottish Higher/ A-Level

Achievement tests required

UCAT only/ BMAT only neither

How the Personal Statement is used by the university

scored/ shortlisting/ neither

What type of interview will it be?

Multi-mini/panel/ none

Tell us how your work experience has helped you

(a) What did you learn about yourself?
(b) What did you learn about others in
a situation where care is being
(c) How is care delivered?
(d) How are patients while receiving

Did you receive confirmation letters or letters of reference?

Checking verification

In the case where the student uses the fifth choice to apply for a health-related subject, which must be other than Medicine, we will use the consultation process to choose a best -fit university for study in that field.


In addition to the service we offer to undergraduates, seeking help to make an outstanding application to Medicine, we can also offer help to post-graduates, where the achievement test will be the GAMSAT. We can offer preparation and tuition for this test to help postgraduate students achieve a top score.

We will monitor your choices for unusual requirements/testing strategies, e.g. the University of Sunderland interview is a multi-mini style + numeracy test.