Our main package contains a full wrap-around service dealing with all the areas where the student could need support. This could include academic tuition, to assist in raising grades to the required high standard, necessary to generate university offers for Medicine. It will also contain a short course of ethics, taught as part of general fitness for the practice of medicine, but also as preparation for the demanding interview, which many universities require the student to undertake as a final step before acceptance.

The crafting of an exceptional personal statement, which stands out because it rings true in its underlying beliefs and thinking, does not necessarily come easily to a student. However, we, as skilled professionals, are experienced in identifying the true motivations of the student in entering Medicine and in highlighting the assets of that individual, which make them well suited to a life dedicated to Medicine. So, we offer advice and guidance throughout the writing of that part of the application.

Arguably, the most important part of the whole application is the preparation for the UCAT test, simply because some universities regard the result as more informative and more indicative of future success in Medicine than any academic subject grade. Therefore, we have included this most important section in our packages. A small number of universities require BMAT rather than UCAT and it is part of our service to offer preparation for this as well. Clearly, many students will have to do both BMAT and UCAT tests to satisfy all their chosen universities.

Ethics is part of a doctor’s or health professional’s everyday life. It underlies every decision taken and therefore, a strong understanding of the guidelines and laws of ethics affects all of the thinking and problem – solving in every doctor-patient consultation. A short course on ethics is one of the elements of our service. It is intended to prepare the student for questions in the interview, which are centred on ethically difficult issues.

Our initial consultation should also bring a much sharper focus on the student’s thinking regarding the universities to which the application for their medical study will be made. This initial consultation is, therefore our first step. It is free of charge and it is at this first step, our bespoke planning service for an outstanding medical application is offered. Even if there is still a question in the student’s mind as to whether medicine is the right direction to take, we will offer advice on the best use of the fifth choice on the UCAS application.