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Our website is based on many years as teachers of hearing aspiring medical students struggle with the difficult preparation and the lack of support in the school curriculum for the complex process of navigating the application for university Medicine. Some very able and driven students are academically and psychologically equipped to go through the steps of preparing themselves for the assessments associated with the application e.g. UCAT and BMAT and writing their own personal statements, but they are not the majority of the whole application cohort. Certain schools offer support for personal statements and interview practice and they are to be commended, but it was clear to us that much more could be done.

We resolved to create a service to fulfil the needs of the majority of students by replacing the gaps in the academic timetable with extra assessment preparation and giving help on a one to one basis with all the less predictable sections of the application, such as the Personal Statement and the Interview Practice.

The result is our Medical Application Consultancy – we affectionately call it THE MAC

We have avoided all the business of booklets, leaflets, and do-it-yourself teaching, because we are about getting you ready in a hands-on, one to one approach. We have chosen this route because we know the problems of dealing with the school curriculum work itself and how time-consuming it is as a junior or senior year student. It is our intention that the services we offer will facilitate these extra academic demands and time constraints, arising from the students’ desire to produce an outstanding application to Medicine.

We believe that outstanding Medicine and Healthcare are indicators of a highly civilised and humane society and it is our mission to bring our best efforts to strengthen and grow these characteristics within our society. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to help individuals, who aspire to join the Medicine and Healthcare professions, succeed in the extensive testing and other assessments they will be asked to execute as they enter the professions. We realise that many students find it problematic to fit in the various strands of study with work experience internships, personal statement writing, and interview practice, which all have an inconvenient habit of occurring simultaneously. Therefore, we set out to provide a service that will offer guidance and tuition on all of these required elements of a high-quality Medical Application. All the examination and achievement test scores need to be brought to the highest standards, well within the limited timeframe available before the deadline. We are dedicated to the task of supporting our Medical School candidates in the achievement of such a challenging goal.

In addition, a significant number of students who eventually become doctors arrive via a less direct route because they begin their journey into Medicine in the study of Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, or some other science subject. We intend to offer our services to those students, helping them navigate the route to Medicine, whether it is by offering GAMSAT tuition or by consultation and advising on an alternative way forward. This allows us to maximise the number of students we can help to achieve their goals and drive forward our mission of growing the number of highly qualified professionals in this field.